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Greetings from the Organizing Committee for HKAUW’s 60th Anniversary Celebration ! 

It is with great excitement that we welcome you to the wonderful city of Hong Kong to celebrate the sixty years since the inception of the Hong Kong Association of University Women (HKAUW).

Organized under the theme, ‘Empowering Women, Embracing the World, the celebrations are a series of organized events for HKAUW members, members of affiliated- NFAs of Graduate Women International and other interested parties to exchange knowledge, ideas and future goals for improving the lives of women and girls through the power of education.

During your time in Hong Kong, we will showcase our wonderful city to you whilst also by sharing with you the inspiring work of our not-for-profit sector.

You will also have the opportunity to come with us to the beautiful city of Guangxi in Mainland China to see firsthand the launch of HKAUW Guangxi Scholarship Scheme.

On behalf of HKAUW Organizing Committee, we look forward to your participation in HKAUW’s 60th Anniversary Celebration !  

Dear Ladies,

It is an honor for me to welcome you to the website of Hong Kong Association of University Women (HKAUW). This year we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of this non-profit organization. Our theme “Empowering women, embracing the world” reflects the call of women from all classes and ethnic groups for equal rights and freedom. It is the mission of HKAUW to promote higher education among women and to support community services especially by and for women. We will carry forward this cause and hopefully our efforts will further inspire people to improve their lives.

We are living in a wealthy society, and we are proud to be Hong Kongers. But we see problems of all kinds caused by unjust economic, social and political order, people struggling every day to earn a hard living in a community with probably the highest cost of living environment, thereby frustrations and hostility threaten the peace we have enjoyed for decades... All these problems are inextricably linked to education.  As members of an association of university women, we believe that through education, women can truly understand and contribute to the world in a broad and powerful way. Social harmony can be largely achieved when women’s social economic status is improved through education. Let the entire world empower women, who can, in return, embrace the world wholeheartedly. 


Chair, Organizing Committee
for 60th Anniversary Celebration

Hong Kong Association of University Women

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